Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Reflections/Rose Of Sharon

Welcome to Weekend Reflections! As I opened the window this morning, the Rose of Sharon showed up on the pane. I had to look again as the reflection nearly fooled me!

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My thanks to James for hosting this wonderful meme.


'Tsuki said...

I had no idea that flowers are just as narcissic as us ! Well this one looks enough pretty to be hypnotized by its own reflection... ;)

Anita Kumar said...

That's a great capture. BTW, I didn't know that this was also the Rose of Sharon.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It nearly fooled me too. At first glance, I thought there were two flowers!


Tell reflections that you love them,
Spurn reflections, if you dare.
Keep reflections out of darkness,
Keep them in the sun’s harsh glare!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Reflection in Wayside Pool

Sylvia K said...

Lovely flowers and a great reflection for the day! I was nearly fooled as well!! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


Ginny said...

It does look exactly like two flowers! And both real and both beautiful.

Andrea said...

that is so beautiful, that is what i call serendipitous! Thanks for the reply to my post, but i thought my comment about the flower is in Kanak's blog? Or did i forget? I looked for it here but none!

Jama said...

That is a great capture!

Wendy said...

Cool! I love it. Flowers have humour just as we do. LOL!

birdy said...

Beautiful reflection and nice capture! First I saw the Image and then read the text. To be honest it deceived me too.