Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look Who's Snaked Its Way Up My Mango Tree!

The other day my neighbour called out to me saying that there was a snake on my mango tree. Although I looked hard, I couldn't really make out against the light of the afternoon sun (first picture). I ran to get my camera and got a few shots. I didn't dare get closer shots. It's the longest snake that I've seen in my garden/vicinity. It could well be a rat snake but I'm not too sure. Rat snakes are supposed to be one of the most common snakes in India. Their diet consists of rats and frogs. They are active during the day. And I was glad to find out that they are non-venomous.

As I clicked away, it started to move towards the next tree which was a guava tree. And then it disappeared amidst the thick foliage of another neighbour's mango tree. Thank goodness that my neighbour told me about the snake. I'd have merrily gone out to check the guavas as I usually do in the afternoons. It still gives me the shivers to think about coming so close to a snake!! It's not without taking a good hard look at the trees that I go and pick the fruits now!

Weekend Reflections

As Iwas photographing my orchids today, I realized that the same windows in my last post looked completely different. Today being a hot day, the blueness of the sky and those same palm trees wear a different look .

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