Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Great Eggfly & Other Butterflies

I had lamented about not seeing butterflies in my garden in one of my posts. But soon after capturing the Great Eggfly butterfly on the pink penta, I have managed to get a few more shots of these butterflies (below).

One of the most commonly seen swallowtail butterflies, the Common Mormon rests on Star fruit plant.

A little skipper on a leaf. The other visitors are the Pansy butterflies but I've posted so many pictures earlier that I have to restrain myself from doing it again.;)

And sometimes I come across a tattered butterfly that's about to die. This is a Common Palmfly butterfly. It loves shady areas and ripe fruit. The picture below shows the Common Palmfly feeding on a ripe guava. These might not be the most colourful butterflies but I'm glad to see them fluttering my garden!


One said...

What a lovely post! My favorite is the last photo of the butterfly eating the fruit.

I just captured an eggfly yesterday. Also posted about it months ago. I have yet to come across the Common Mormon. Not that common after all. Lots of Common Grass Yellow Butterflies. Possible to capture a few in a frame but not pretty with all that movement.

Cyren said...

You have the most beautiful form of the female common mormon I've ever seen fluttering about your garden... how lucky for you!!!

Sylvia K said...

Such beautiful butterflies and marvelous, colorful captures!! Hope your week is going well!


Ginny said...

Why do they call it the eggfly butterfly? They all lay eggs. I have never heard of or seen the Mormon, here, Mormons are a religion. It is just beautiful!

lotusleaf said...

The Palm butterfly has a metallic sheen to its wings. Beautiful pictures! All these butterflies visit my garden too.Your dragonflies are what I don't see here often:)

Anita Kumar said...

Beautiful butterflies. Thanks to your posts, I am getting an education on butterflies and their names. You've got a great capture of The Common Mormon.