Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Look Of The Season

As I was passing through one particular area in our city, I saw a cattle egret in its breeding colours. 
And Mr. Lizard, resplendent in orange, nearly knocked himself out on the window pane. No doubt he must have been startled to see a look-alike but he moved on. Then he scurried up this bush, looking less orange, less striking, but still good-looking!
There are a lot of mating pairs I see as I walk around my yard. Here's a pair of Handmaiden moths/Amata cyssea. I looked up online and found out that these are day flying members of the Arctiidae or Tiger moth family. They mimic wasps in their body and coloration. Even for a predator who does not get deterred by wasps, the occasional bright body colours usually advertise a bad taste, so Handmaidens flourish.

Handmaiden moths

And the pair of red-vented bulbuls are a joy to watch. All these pictures were taken from my balcony. The pair was on my neighbour's coconut tree.

Red-vented bulbuls

A pair of Spotted Doves
The Spotted doves usually come to the terrace where they like to forage amid my potted plants. Must be rich in insects, my potted area. I'm happy to say that they are letting me go closer, and they don't fly off at the slightest movement from me.
Preen away....

I came across this long-legged insect on a jasmine leaf. Those legs were something! As luck would have it a few days later this is what I discovered....a mating pair on the hydrangea leaf.
A lot is happening around me in the world of nature. The last picture shows a tiny moth resting on a zinnia petal.

I hope all my blog friends have a wonderful weekend! 
                                         Happy Easter!


Ginny said...

This may be my favorite post of yours ever! So many wonderful things to see!!! The moth, I am just wild about it!! Part of it's wings are clear,and it looks like a wasp, but isn't!!!! That insect has an iridescent body! and the bulbuls kissing,so sweet!!

Sylvia K said...

What a delightful post and beautiful captures for a spring day!! I do love all your little critters/bugs/birds! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the fun! Have a wonderful weekend!


Sallie ( said...

The cattle egret is familiar and often seen here in Florida -- and we used to grow zinnias when we lived in Oregon. But every one of the other beautiful pictures are new and exotic -- you live in such a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing it!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh is in the air in your area..what a wonderful collection of photos..Happy Easter...Michelle

Caroline Gill said...

I think I agree with Ginny: SUCH a stunning post! That lizard is extraordinary. We visited an area of Greece last year where there are chameleons who change colour. Sadly we never saw one - though we met a couple who had just had that pleasure.

Stephanie said...

You have captivating creatures! Except for the egret, I don't think I have come across other so near distance before. You live where human and creature are happily enjoying the surroundings together ;-) Btw, I have an amaryllis sending a stalk of bud. Yay! And you have a great weekend.

Maria said...

What a delightful post! Spring is in the air :-) Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by!