Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was going through some of my old folders and found quite a few pictures of nests. I thought I'd share some of these with you. The first picture is from a park in the outskirts of my hometown. The place has a small orchard of oranges and pineapple plants. I wonder to which bird this nest belonged to, right on the top of the plant, exposed to the elements and danger. So unlike the crow's nest (pictured below) high up on the Indian Jujube tree in my sister's garden.

Around this time of the year, these tiny wasps become very active. I found this lot busy building a nest on the underside of a canavalia bean leaf in my backyard.

On a walk in a holiday resort not too far from the city, I came across this ant's nest. Leaves sewn up into a ball. I can imagine the activity inside. The picture below shows lizard eggs that I came across while loosening the soil in one of my pots. I didn't think that one of my containers would also be a a lizard's nest! They were all intact and I left them buried in the soil. That was in April. when I went to check them about a week ago, only remains of the 'shells' were left. Not too sure about the 'shell' part because they are more like plastic. But I'm sure the latest additions to the wildlife count in my garden are gorging on insect cuisine!

And talking about birds' nests, it's only fair that I include this picture of the Bird's Nest fern/ Asplenium nidus growing wild in my mother's garden. The large fronds unfurl from the centre of the plant giving it a nest-like appearance, hence the name.

And a few pictures of the weaver birds' nests can be seen on my other blog. Here's the link-----------------

The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship. ~ William Blake


Ginny said...

I love that you have lots of different kinds of nests! I have a nest on my blog today, too! But only one...I have never seen anything like that ball of an ant's nest, it is amazing!

Wendy said...

I think the ants nest is amazing too! Never seen one like that before. The ants here in Canada make a nest in the sand, so all we see are little holes.

I wonder of that first nest fell out of a tree?

Interesting post. I love nests, particularly bird's nests.

lotusleaf said...

Lovely post, Kanak! I enjoyed reading it and looking at the wonderful pictures. The wasp's nest is my favourite!

Stephanie said...

And I think the centre of bird's nest fern is for the mother bird to lay eggs hehe... the name is really appropriate for that plant!

ShySongbird said...

So interesting to see and read about the different nests. I never realised ants would nest in a tree!! They only nest in the ground here.